commissions and projects

The process of commissioning an artwork is new to many of my clients. This page explains the process and the details involved in setting up your commission. Please know that I strongly prefer to communicate by email so that I have a written record of all our communication. 


I like it best when my clients choose me to do their project because they like my work. This leaves me the room to create the design as I see fit, drawing upon my years of experience, study, and artistry. I ask clients to give me a list of three to five keywords to describe their vision of the finished piece (such as Modern, Playful, Elegant, Traditional, etc.) that will help inform my design decisions. If you see something on my Gallery pages that appeals to you, it may be possible to incorporate what you like into the design. 


To give you an estimate of the cost of the piece I will need a few pieces of key information from you. When sending your initial email please let me know:

  • The number of words in your text (it would be ideal to send a copy of the text)

  • The size of the piece and if there is any flexibility on this. Generally bigger is better with calligraphy—the bigger the lettering, the more it will look like calligraphy and will show the characteristic beautiful contrast of thick and thin strokes.

  • What the piece is for

  • When you need the piece completed and if there is any flexibility in the deadline

  • If you need the piece shipped or if you are able to pick up the work at my studio in north Portland

Other things to know about pricing:

  • The price includes all materials, the design, the lettering, and administration. 

  • There is an additional charge for rush jobs (generally less than two weeks turnaround time). Most commissions have a turnaround time of three weeks, though it may be more or less than this depending on my production schedule and the scope of your project. 

  • In most commissions, in order to book your project into my schedule, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance is due upon completion. For projects that are $150 or less, the total amount is paid upon booking. 


Copyright is an artist’s right to the exclusive ownership of artistic effort. Copyright in all art and images produced by Cora Pearl belongs exclusively to Cora Pearl Calligraphy, unless licensed to a third party via a licensing agreement. Copyright can be fully transferred from Cora Pearl Calligraphy but will be conditional upon specified limited usage of the work and a commensurate cost. In addition, Cora Pearl Calligraphy will retain the right to use the image for promotional purposes.

When you commission an original piece of art, the physical artwork is yours to keep, but the copyright in the image will not transfer to you unless a different arrangement was agreed at the outset. Therefore, only Cora Pearl Calligraphy has the right to reproduce and use the image of the finished work and all preliminary sketches and studies carried out during the drafting stage. I am aware that the nature of doing calligraphic artwork sometimes means having personal text and I am sensitive to this.